Employee Links

Helpful sites for staff:

GPS Employee Access Center - Paychecks/Leave Banks/W-2s/Salary Information (EAC Powerpoint)

GPS PAY PERIOD CALENDAR - Click the link to find the days included in each pay run. 

GPS Employee Time clock - This link can only be used on school computers (click here for Time Clock instructions). PLEASE POST TIME WEEKLY.

NDE Teacher Certification - Find information about your teaching certificate here!


NSEA - Nebraska State Education Association (State Teachers Union)


Classified Employee Handbook - This link is for all time-clock users in the district

2020/2021 Negotiated Agreement/Salary Schedule
2021/2022 Negotiated Agreement/Salary Schedule

WageWorks -
For those with an FSA and/or Dependent Care Account and would like to view their account.

HealthEquityFor those with an HSA and would like to view their account.
HSA Change of Personal Information Form

TalentEd usage PowerPoint

Employee Access Center PowerPoint