Board Members

The Gretna Public Schools Board of Education members are:
  • Rick Hollendieck - President
  • Kyle Janssen - Vice President
  • Dawn Stock - Secretary
  • Mark Hauptman - Treasurer
  • Greg Beach
  • Blake Turpen



The Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB), Board of Directors and staff, recognized the Gretna Public Schools Board of Education as a 2021/2022  President’s Board Award recipient during the Virtual Area Membership Meeting in the fall of 2022. 

This award of distinction recognizes the board’s collective volunteer time and commitment to education.  The criteria for this award requires that all board members participate in learning opportunities to grow in their governance role by attending education workshops and conferences, participate in a leadership/district goal planning annual retreat, and share in the legislative advocacy for public education.   Only 2 school boards statewide were awarded the President's Board Award in 2022.  

Since 1993, Gretna has won a total of 27 President’s Board Awards (previously known as The Outstanding Board Award). This year, marked Gretna’s 18th consecutive win.  

Nebraska Association of School Boards President's Board Award Information