Employee Links

Helpful sites for staff:

GPS Employee Access Center - Paychecks/Leave Banks/W-2s/Salary Information (EAC Powerpoint)

GPS PAY PERIOD CALENDAR - Click the link to find the days included in each pay run. 

GPS Employee Time clock - This link can only be used on school computers (click here for Time Clock instructions). PLEASE POST TIME WEEKLY.

2023/2024 Negotiated Agreement/Salary Schedule

CAEP Accredited Colleges -
Find accredited colleges for advancement on the GPS salary schedule. 

NDE Teacher Certification - Find information about your teaching certificate here!


NSEA - Nebraska State Education Association (State Teachers Union)


Classified Employee Handbook - This link is for all time-clock users in the district

Labor Law Posters -
Includes FMLA / FLSA / EEO / OSHA / Unemployment 


TalentEd usage PowerPoint

Employee Access Center PowerPoint