If there is a form you are looking for that you do not see in the page, please contact Noreen Perina, Chanell Willmer, or Sarah Roarty.

This link is to be used by current employees. If you have any questions regarding your payroll information or benefits, please email Noreen Perina, Chanell Willmer or Sarah Roarty, or you can reach them at 402-332-3265.

Forms included in the link above:
  • W - 4: If you need to change any withholding information you MUST fill out a new W-4 (click above link).
  • Direct Deposit - Do not forget that we will need a new voided check if you are changing accounts.
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary Form 
  • Insurance Change - This should only be filled out when there has been a qualifying event making you eligible for the insurance change (i.e.-marriage, divorce, birth, death, etc...).
  • VSP-Vision Insurance Enrollment
  • Graduate Credit Approval

Retirement Beneficiary Form - This form should be printed, signed and notarized. 
Noreen, Sarah and Nan are all notaries located in the Administration Office.