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CIA Website - Curriculum & Instruction website for teachers.  Log-in required

GPS Employee Access Center - Paychecks/Leave Banks/W-2s/Salary Information
GPS Employee Timeclock - This link can only be used on school computers

The Nebraska Public Employees' Retirement System (NPERS) recognizes the importance of a successful retirement and is dedicated to providing the highest quality service necessary to assist members in achieving this goal. If you have any questions about your retirement, please call their office at the number above, or visit their website for more information. Customer Service Line 1-800-245-5712

Retirement Contribution Rates: Employee 9.78%; Employer 9.8778%

MyBlue Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska - Explanation of Benefits/Plan information
Gretna Public Schools has Option #2 for dental and Option #3 for health coverage.

HealthHub/Payflex - Horace Mann online reimbursement (See additional Horace Mann information below)

VSP - Vision Insurance information
        Overview of Coverage          
NDE Teacher Certification - Find information about your teaching certificate here!

Best Care EAP - Short term, confidential counseling for employees and their family members.     
       PHONE: 800-801-4182
       Username: bcGPSe
       Password: GPS

EHA Wellness - You are automatically registered for the EHA Wellness program, if you would like to be removed from the program, please contact Sarah Roarty at

NSEA - Nebraska State Education Association (State Teachers Union)

EHA - Educators Health Alliance

Horace Mann (125 Cafeteria Plan):

Kevin Scheiding 

The 125 Plan is a non-traditional benefit program that allows employees to elect to have their out-of-pocket cost for qualified items (insurance premiums, daycare and unreimbursed medical expenses), which they may incur during a given plan year, to be set aside from their pay on a pre-tax basis. The federal and state income tax as well as social security tax is saved by the employee on the total amount they elect. To the employee, this means they would be receiving a raise, in the form of a lower tax withholding from their pay. Effective for the 2017/2018 school year, the maximum amount to set aside for medical expenses is $2,600. PAY-FLEX is the administrator for the Horace Mann 125 Plan. 

Additional Horace Mann Information/Products/Services:
Horace Mann is the nation's largest multi-line insurance and financial services company for Educators and their families. What that means is Horace Mann provides Auto, Home/Renters, Life insurance and a full line of retirement accounts (including 403(b)s) to educators. All of our products are specifically designed with educator's needs in mind and our best rates and benefits are reserved for our educators.
Jeanne Smith, Gretna Representative
Cell: 402-740-7739
Office: 402-934-3590

Staff members should have received a mailing and several emails about the AFLAC representative coming to visit us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Jeanne for information. The available plans are listed below. Choose from a wide range of insurance policies to help cover health events from accidents, to intensive care, to life insurance. Your staff enjoys benefits from Aflac—all paid for by your employees.

Plans Available:
  • Accident Insurance (24 hour on/off job including coverage for children) 
  • Short-term Disability (Also covers maternity leave) 
  • Cancer Insurance (New updated plan) 
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance (Pays cash to you for in-or-outpatient) 
  • Specified Health Protection (ex: Heart Attack, Stroke, ICU & more) 
Open enrollment runs July through August. Jeanne will be around to the buildings during the back to school workshop dates. There will be an announcement when she arrives at your building. If it is more convenient to meet with Jeanne prior to school starting, please contact her anytime to discuss the benefit options. 
Legal Shield/Identity Theft
Ann Giebler, Gretna Representative 
Cell: 402-689-8678 
Ann will have information regarding
Madison Life Insurance Company

Madison National Life provides life insurance and annuity products to individuals and small businesses through multiple distribution channels. The individual product portfolio includes whole life, senior age whole life, term life, universal life, immediate annuities, and indexed universal life and annuities.

Additional Life Insurance rates have changed and are now on a tiered system. Please contact Noreen Perina if you are interested in purchasing additional life insurance for yourself and/or your family.