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School District #37 was created as a small district to save the village of Gretna in 1888. The first school to serve Gretna children was located across the road from the LaBorde cemetery outside Gretna. A two-story brick schoolhouse was constructed in 1898 south of Angus Street across from St. Patrick's Catholic Church. Its size was doubled in 1908, and a gymnasium was added in 1936.

As the village grew, so too did the school district. Through minor consolidation over the years and a major consolidation in 1958, the district has grown to its present size of 70 square miles. Centrally located between Lincoln and Omaha, the community uniquely weaves its large city ties with rural character. These appealing characteristics draw many families hoping to raise their children in a small town atmosphere with a sense of community.


The Mission of Gretna Public Schools is to accept all students unconditionally and maximize their potential.

The philosophy of the Gretna Public School System is to provide an equal educational process in relation to the characteristics and needs of the individual student and the community this school serves. The purpose of the school are to challenge the student to discover, develop, and supply knowledge in a changing, complex society and to extend learning experiences designed to motivate individual creativeness and develop a positive self image. Thus, the Gretna Public School System will seek to accomplish these purposes through the commitment and involvement of every person in the community.

Goals of the Gretna Public Schools:

  • To develop a positive educational environment that accepts all students and emphasizes their intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.

  • To adopt financial policies that ensure quality educational facilities, equipment, and materials to aid in the accomplishment of the districtʼs educational goals.

  • To attract and retain highly qualified personnel and promote opportunities for their professional growth and development.

  • To develop studentsʼ knowledge and values so they will be effective participants in our democratic society.

  • To develop academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, computing, listening, and speaking so students may effectively interact in our society.

  • To provide opportunities for students to gain an appreciation for the fine and performing arts.

  • To provide educational programs, which allow students to identify and achieve their career goals and emphasize the value of hard work.

  • To introduce students to a variety of activities which encourage them to develop morally, physically, socially, academically, emotionally and spiritually.

Community Report


The Community Reports include informative data compiled for the families and patrons of the Gretna Public Schools as well as the general public.

This report has been prepared to provide a “snapshot” of our school system.

Community Reports


Gretna Public School District Accreditation Certificate