Prospective Employees

The goals of Gretna Public Schools are:
• to promote a safe and secure learning environment where the dignity of each child is respected.
• to develop an educational environment that advocates the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of each child.
• to recruit, employ, and develop skilled and qualified personnel.
• to promote high academic standards in each curricular area.
• to offer a comprehensive student activities program.
• to provide financial policies that ensure quality educational facilities, equipment, and materials.
• to provide an environment which encourages positive community involvement.
Thank you for your interest in Gretna Public Schools. Please visit our employment opportunities page to fill out our online application.

Full family coverage will be provided for all teachers who are under employment by the district on a full-time contract. There will be no cash payment or annuity type insurance payment made to a teacher. 

NEGOTIATED AGREEMENT can be found on the HR website

Contact Gretna Public Schools - 
Employment questions:  Andrew Rinaldi  402-332-3265
Salary/Benefit questions:  Sarah Roarty   402-332-3265