GPS Census Attention All Residents in the Gretna Public School District

The Gretna Public School District extends its gratitude to the community for its ongoing support. Residents of Gretna are advised to watch their mailboxes for important correspondence from the district regarding the upcoming census. It is important that all households complete this as soon as possible.

Residents have the convenience of completing the census using just one of these simple methods: Online (two options), Mobile (two options), or Mail (one option):




  • Complete and return the postcard you will receive in the mail.

The census plays a vital role in the district’s planning efforts, including enrollment projections, and is mandated by Nebraska state laws 79-528(1), 79-524, and 79-578. Therefore, it is crucial for all residents within the Gretna Public School District to participate.

Who should complete the GPS Census?

  • Households with only adults.

  • Households with preschool-aged children.

  • Households with students attending any form of schooling.

  • Households with college students returning for the summer.

  • Households moving within or leaving the district.

  • Households with children who have relocated.

Every piece of census information collected contributes to the district's continued growth and development.

For inquiries or assistance, please contact Jean Anderson at the Gretna Public Schools Administration Office at (402) 332-3265. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.